Recon Black Sergeant

The NEW Recon Black Sergeant is the first Sergeant to feature the Portable Warfare logo in black; giving it a stealth black on black look.

Portable Miniature Storage Solution

Portable Warfare™ creates affordable carrying cases for your tabletop gaming miniatures and models. Protecting, transporting, and storage for your miniatures should not have to be expensive. Restocks coming soon.

Blü Foam

Blü Foam

You have the option to stock your Portable Warfare bag with 2 different loadouts of Blü foam trays.

  • 3” x1; 2” x2; 1.5” x2
  • 3” x1; 2” x1; 1.5” x1; 1" x3
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The Sergeant Colors

The Sergeant

6 colors to choose from.

  • Recon Black
  • Gun Metal Gray
  • Army Green
  • Ion Blue
  • Tactical Orange
  • Chaos Pink
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