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Taking us to the future

bombIf you are a fan of Portable Warfare, as I am, you’ll know that keeping the gaming in mind is what first attracts you to the brand. I too was attracted by Chris’ understanding and support of the industry. He did so with great products, the APC and the Sergeant. As with many gamers, life creeps up on us and we have to change directions. That’s where I come in. My name is Karl Pajak. I’ve been in the gaming industry for over 40 years. Typically, I was a behind the scenes guy, hosting games at local game stores, volunteering for game companies to host their games, volunteering at game conventions, and more. I had a frank discussion with Chris, and we came to an agreement and I’ve purchased Portable Warfare from him. I’m a package deal though, my business partner in this venture is Tim Martin, more of a painter than a gamer but he does game too. Together we bring design talents and a desire to continue that tradition set for us by Chris. And mind you, those traditions are our core principles: Understanding what gamers and hobby enthusiasts want, supporting them regardless of the effort and cost, and bringing a solid product to the market. I was using the Sergeant before I was part of the company, and I’m proud to be the one to carry the torch forward.

We have continued to partner with PHD, so that we can supply you with the Blü foam, such a great product. The rounded corners aid in tray removal from inside the Portable Warfare bags. The sturdy base supports the tray and gives it just enough rigidity to make the tray a tool to port miniatures to the game table.

As we move forward into the future with new products, we hope you’ll join us for the great things we have in store for you. Always feel free to drop us a line.


Karl Pajak
President / Portable Warfare, Inc.

Our experience

Our president, Karl Pajak has experience in manufacturing.

Portable Warfare Owner - 1 years
Overall Manufacturing - 11 years
Distribution - 3 years
Our philosophy
Portable Warfare™ creates affordable carrying cases for your tabletop gaming miniatures and models. Protecting, transporting, and storage for your miniatures. Quality with the gamer in mind.
Goals & values
  1. Design products to protect

  2. Provide stylish products for a great price

  3. When something goes wrong, we make it right