The Sergeant v2.0 on Kickstarter

Kickstarter – Time to go…

Welcome everyone!

Tim here, owner and President of Portable Warfare.

I wanted to take this moment to talk with those of you that stood with us and believed in this project. Thank you for backing it.

Prior to the Kickstarter we produced a short run of the Recon Black Bags as a test run to ensure that we liked the product. It gave us physical product to “playtest”. With that short run we hosted an inhouse Pre-Order. There were two people that backed our inhouse Pre-Order and they were sent our new bag and loved them. We knew we’d hit the bullseye with the product. With that in mind we opted to bring you a Kickstarter. This would allow us to finish off the run of Recon Black bags and give everyone the opportunity to help us bring more great colors to the line.

Here we are, close to the end of the Kickstarter. And we have decided to pull the plug. We wanted to be proactive and reach out to you, our backers and thank you for the support. To all of those that backed us with a product pledge, if you will contact us directly we will be happy to take an order at the reduced pricing you would have received from Kickstarter. This is our way of saying Thank You… we very much appreciate the support.

To all of you that backed us at the $1.00 level, Thank You. We love that you were sincere in your interest of our product. We hope we’ll see you on Facebook, and over on our website with that enthusiasm, ready to go! Again, Thank You!

We have enough Sergeant 2.0 bags in stock from the short run we did to fulfill the orders we’ll receive from those of you that backed the project. If you are a backer and you wanted a Tool/Paint Rack, a Shelf, or a Drawer, it will take us a month to have those made. We are happy to offer the non-bags to you at the cost you would have paid for them as an Add-On product. To all the backers, if you were planning on doing the Drawer Add-On and would like the Combo Drawer instead, just order the Combo Drawer and we’ll honor the pricing we stated in the update.

To place your order, simply send us an email, include your name, address, email, and phone number. If you’d like the bag now and the paint/tool Rack products shipped once completed we will be happy to do that, just let us know and we’ll simply double the shipping cost when we send you an invoice for the total. Your invoice will include shipping.

A huge thanks goes out to the support staff: Chris, Rachel, Melody, my boyo Tom, Travis, my beautiful and wonderful wife, Lyn Stahl, The Stiltz’, Our Ad department and the companies we advertised with: Marcus McConnell at Table Top Gaming News (Wonderful guy!), Historicon, MillenniumCon (Round Rock, TX), The guys at the Rat Palace Redux, Wargames Illustrated. Companies in the Industry (for their support): Calliope Games, Frontline Games, Warlord Games, Secret Weapon, Pink The Bogman, Thomas Rubber Stamp Co. in Ft. Worth, TX. Industry professionals: Marcelo Figueroa, Erik Yaple, Jeff Caples – Games U (game store in Arizona), Chris Carlson, Ray Wehrs, Chris Leder, Matt Mrozek, my lifelong friend Geoff Kaman, Dave Rogman, Erin Giddings, The ENTIRE All Star Games Family, Mario Smith, Shoshie Bauer, and last but not least All of the fans and people that have supported us here at Portable Warfare, and NEWay Designs.

Thank you everyone,

Tim Martin