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Army Painter Starter Set

Portable Warfare's Starter Paint SetArmy Painter Starter Set

You’ve been ready to get starter but you just don’t know where to start. This starter paint kit comes with Paint, A Quick Start Guide on how to get started, and A Paint Brush. If you need more paint brushes simply add our Army Painter Starter Brush Set to your order.

Don’t start your hobby painting journey by lugging a bucket of paint to your Friendly Local Game Store to paint miniatures with your friends. Begin your journey ready to “Nail It!”, simply grab the Small Hole Laser Cut Wood Paint Rack (Select the Triangle Brush Option) and BING! We’ve solved the how do I get started. Add a Shelf and Portable Warfare Sergeant Bag to the mix and you now have a complete setup. Alternately you can simply order the Sergeant Bag Starters Kit, which comes with the proper Paint Rack, The Combo Shelf, The Starter Paint Set by Army Painter, and the Army Painter Starter Paint Brush Set. Get everything you need in one go. Plus you’ll get a 10% discount of normal MSRP.

Portable Warfare’s Paint Rack

Our laser cut wood paint racks can withstand the test of time. We’ve put our paint racks outside in the elements for a YEAR… and they are still solid. Yes they’re weather worn because we don’t seal them. That’s something you should/could do. Our Laser Cut Real Wood Paint racks can be stained and then sealed, or simply left as they are. You can paint on them, giving your paint rack your flair. Take control of your hobby! If they were constructed from MDF they would be mush over that same time period.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Hole Size / Brush Type

Small Hole / Triangle Brush, Small Hole / Round Brush, Medium Hole / Triangle Brush, Medium Hole / Round Brush, Large Hole / Triangle Brush, Large Hole / Round Brush, Micro/Small Hole / Triangle Brush, Micro/Small Hole / Round Brush, Micro/Medium Hole / Triangle Brush, Micro/Medium Hole / Round Brush, Micro/Large Hole / Triangle Brush, Micro/Large Hole / Round Brush, Micro/XL Hole / Triangle Brush, Micro/XL Hole / Round Brush, Secret Weapon Paints / Round Brushes, XL Hole / Triangle Brush, XL Hole / Round Brush