Army Painter – Starter Brushes


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Starter Brushes – A great set for beginning painters.

Army Painter Starter Brush SetArmy Painter’s Starter Brush set is perfect for every experience level painter. The triangle design of the brush

Army Painter Brushes Triangle Design

fits nicely in your hand. The design makes control much easier and allows you to take charge of your painting technique and style.


When you couple this brush set with our Army Painter Paint Rack you can store your paint and tools in one place. We worked with NEWay Designs, Inc. to develop our paint rack. It works with their modular Rack System, now you can design your perfect painting setup and home, and with our Grab-N-Go technology you can grab our paint rack and shelf, put it in your sergeant bag and go to the FLGS to paint with your friend. Make it a perfect day, time to paint miniatures. All the Starter Sets are excellent value for your money, and this set is no exception. This is the 3 different brush types you need to paint any regular miniatures and covers the 3 basic techniques: Based  coating, detailing, and dry brushing. As an added bonus the Detail and Standard brush are with the fabúlous triangular grip from the popular Wargamer range. Pick yours up today!

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