Skirmisher’s Pack – Blü Foam Loadout #1


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Skirmisher’s Pack : Blü Foam Loadout #1

Blu Foam for Sergeant BagsThis is our most popular foam buildout for The Sergeant bags.  It is good for skirmish miniature games like Warmachine, and Infinity.  It has a selection of trays that are slightly thicker than the buildout 2, which helps to accommodate larger bases and bases with the fancy rounded lip.

The loadout does not come with the Sergeant Bag. To get the foam pre-loaded into the bag before shipping just insert a note into either your order or your PayPal special instructions and we’ll load your foam into the bag for you and ship it out.

The Skirmisher’s PackBlü Foam Buildout #1

The Skirmisher’s Pack comes with:
(2) 1.5″ Blü Foam
(2) 2″ Blü Foam
(1) 3″ Blü Foam

That’s an amazing 10 inches of Blü Foam.

The Blü design takes into account the storage of the miniatures and pulling the foam trays out of a Sergeant Bag. The rounded corners don’t grab. This makes it less likely that the foam tray will grab or snag on the bag as you’re pulling it out. That prevents damage to your miniatures and the hard work you’ve put into painting them.


Loadout #1 Cost Savings

The normal cost of the foam is $59.95. “Plucking” the savings on Blü foam was never easier. You save an amazing 10% when purchasing the Loadout #1. We make it that much easier for you to protect your army.

Complimentary Product

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