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Combo Drawer

Your painting supplies are out of control! Get control of them now with the Combo Drawer.
Portable Warfare Combo Drawer POW38003

You love the idea of having a paint rack and storage solution that you can take with you anywhere. But there’s just not enough paint. To combat that you fill the drawer with more paint, but now they become unorganized, the tools get mixed in with everything and your brushes get bent. Now everything is a mess.







We have a solution for you, our Combo Drawer. Portable Warfare Combo Drawer Sergeant Bag

Combo Drawer

Portable Warfare Combo Drawer Inside Shelf with Paint/Tool Rack on topThe combo drawer fits inside the shelf (pictured left). Combined with the Portable Warfare Paint / Tool rack (which rests on top of the Shelf) you have a system that can transport more paint, has a place to store your tools, glue, pliers, clippers etc., and a specific drawer for your paint brushes and sculpting supplies. We also include a Tall Figure holder at no charge. This setup can be selected for any size paint, but is pictured with our SM Hole.


Hole Paint Sizes:

Micro Paint (18mm): Micro Bottle KitThis is our custom solution for more paint. If your paint bottles are large, or you have a space concern. This is the answer for you. When you purchase a Micro Paint sized paint rack from us it comes with enough bottles to fill the paint rack, a funnel to pour the paint into the bottle, and a syringe (no needle) to use to fill the bottle if you prefer. Each bottle holds 6cc (0.2+ oz) of paint. The concept is that you transfer the paint into the bottle. Use the main bottle as the refill. But this allows you to bring with you the colors that you don’t use much of, like Fire Blood Red, or Deep Sky Blue, or Neon Green. Whatever the paint color is that you use as a highlight or on a rare occasion, this will allow you to take that paint with you in a smaller size container. Plus, if you’re flying somewhere and you need to take your paint with you this meets the TSA regulation. The regulation states:


You are allowed to bring a quart-sized bag of liquids, aerosols, gels, creams and pastes in your carry-on bag and through the checkpoint. These are limited to travel-sized containers that are 3.4 ounces (100 milliliters) or less per item. So this allows you to take your paint on the go and REALLY go go go.

SM (Small Hole: 25mm): For Reaper Paints / Army Painter / Vallejo, Scale 75, Green Stuff World, Andrea, and others as well.

MD (Medium Hole: 32mm): For Privateer Press / some hobby paints.

LG (Large Hole: 35mm): For Games Workshop / some hobby paints.

UW LG aka Secret Weapon (Ultimate Weapon Large 25mm and 38mm): This size was designed around Secret Weapon’s paint line. Their acrylic paints and washes use 25mm diameter holes. The Pigments use a 38mm hole and their Pigment Fixer is in a unique shape of a square round. So that setup is specific to what they offer. The Paint Racks come with one hole for the Pigment Fixer. The top ledge is for their Pigments. The middle shelf is for their Pigments and Acrylics or Washes. The bottom ledge is for their Acrylics or Washes. So it’s well suited to their paints. The Paint Tray in the Combo Drawer has less holes but supports both the Pigments and Washes just doesn’t have a place for the Fixer.

XL (Extra Large Hole: 40mm): For Tamiya paints / some hobby paints.

Custom Sizes Available: Contact us for a quote.

Special Note:

This product is fairly complex to assemble. You will need clamps, glue and something with weight to properly assemble it.


Portable Warfare Combo Drawer Bar Clamp24″ Large Bar Clamp,  We’ve used Irwin to assemble the products, they were ok. We’ve used a no name brand that was similar to the one pictured and those are very good. What ever brand you choose make sure you don’t leave them outside. The steel rod the clamp slides on will rust in the weather. That’s what happened to our Irwin.







Portable Warfare Combo Drawer Glue Gorilla Wood Glue: The 8 oz. bottle. We recommend the 8 oz. bottle because we’ve found that the applicator tip works excellently.











Portable Warfare Combo Drawer File Box for Weight

File box, used to put weight on the components while drying. You will put books in the file box to add weight to it. Files with paper are not necessary.








Because of the complexity of assembling the product we recommend reading the instructions fully before assembling the Combo Drawer. This product is three separate products in one.

If you are new to painting miniatures check out our Miniaturist Kit. It provides you with brushes, paint, and the paint rack you’ll need to get going. The basic paint brushes from Army Painter are designed to fit your hand better than any other miniature paint company’s brush. The unique triangle design and wider handle makes painting miniatures a joy. The How To Painter’s Guide is a 27 page book on how to paint great looking miniatures in the Table Top style. There are two basic qualities you can paint miniatures to 1) Table Top Quality. This is where you paint the miniature so it looks great on the battlefield. The detail is fair enough to allow you to distinguish what unit you’re looking at but not so detailed that it take hours and hours to paint the miniature. This quality is how you would want to paint large armies. 2) Competition Quality. This quality takes a single miniature and paints it in great detail. Adding eyes, eyebrows, etc. and great detail. You shade the miniature, taking into account light source and uniform wear. This level of painting is used for the leader of armies or when you want to showcase your talent. It can take you forty hours or more to paint a single 28mm miniature in the Competition Quality style. The Army Painter booklet provides a great introduction on how to paint large armies. For more on what comes in the kit simply click the link and head on over to that product.


We have also found that The Container Store’s Lock Ups brand can be used for basing material. They work great!

Additional information

Weight4 lbs

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