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Are you a game convention? Are you looking for game convention support from Portable Warfare? Then you’re in the right place. Game Conventions across the land seek to provide their attendees with prize support for the games they host. The problem from a manufacturer’s standpoint is there are a lot of you guys. You’re all providing a great environment for gamers. And we want to support your endeavors. In order to support everyone we’ve opted to offer Game Conventions a 20% discount on our products. For a list of Portable Warfare Products please visit our Products Page.

How do I participate?

To participate in our game convention support program? Simply get your shopping list together and fill your shopping cart. At check out use the discount code: Game Convention. Using your PayPal account you’ll pay for your order and complete the transaction. Keep in mind, we review every order and if you are not a game convention your order will be rejected and refunded. We may contact you via email to request further information on your game convention.

What’s next for game convention support?

Next we’ll put together your order and ship it out to you. Last year we provided several game conventions with game convention support, including BerksPA Gaming Club. Hit them up for a note on how they think things went. I bring them up because they also wanted special tokens from our other company, NEWay Designs. That’s our laser cut paint rack company NEWay Designs’ website is filled with great products for your gaming needs.

We’ve supported some great conventions, like Texicon, here’s a picture of Rick Loomis from Flying Buffalo who attended Texicon’s 2010 grand opening.

game convention support

Do you buy ads in programs? Or do product exchange for ad space?

We do not do product exchange for ad space. We do, however, buy ad space from time to time. If you are a game convention that has a nice printed program please include your rates for the front cover, back cover, inside covers, and inside spaces. Who knows, we may be interested in supporting you and getting our name out there.