Miniaturist Kit – Rack, Paint, & Brushes

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Are you ready to tote your Miniaturist Kit to the game store and get your miniatures painting groove on?

Miniaturist's Kit

Miniaturist’s Groove

Portable Warfare is pleased to offer a set perfect for the Miniaturist. It comes with paint, brushes, and a paint rack. We’ve assembled them into a pre-packaged kit that you can now take to the game store to paint your miniatures with. By packaging Army Painter’s Hobby Starter Paint Set with a pack of their Hobby Brush Starter Set and our Small Hole Rack Set you now have everything you need to get started.





The Portable Warfare Kit comes with Army Painter NEWD RS Paint Rack

  • Paint Rack
  • 4 Brushes
  • Paint

The Portable Warfare Paint Rack is designed to work with dropper bottles. This set is great for the beginning hobby enthusiast and the professional miniaturist painter alike.

Miniaturist Kit

This Kit can also be purchased with our Sergeant Paint Rack Shelf. This makes your FLGS Paint Day worryless, now you can store your miniatures and tote them along. Simply order the Portable Warfare Paint Rack Shelf. Inside the Army Painter Wargames Hobby Starter Paint Set you’ll find The Wargarmers Army Painting Guide, A tray of Starter Paints, A Brush, The Definitive Army Painter Warpaints Range Palette pamphlet, The Quick Guide to Army Painting with micro catalog, and a 27 page Army Painter Guide. This Deluxe Starter Set provides you with the tools you’ll need to get started on your journey as a miniatures enthusiast. Now your hobby can be taken to the next level. Become that master table top quality painter. And as always, your brilliantly painted army will rule the day, you win when their army isn’t painted. Take pride in your army, don’t let them down. Paint your army today using these brilliant colors that are perfectly matched to the Army Painter primers.

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