POW39003 Tool Caddie – Extra Tools!



POW39003 Tool Caddie – Many people use more tools than the Paint / Tool Rack has room for. When you work with a lot of tools, like miniaturists or sculptors do, then you may want an additional way to hold tools. This clever device clips onto the side of any of our Paint / Tool Racks and expands the tools you can easily access. This time saving device can be configured to work on either the right or left side. However, because this item must be glued, once you set the side it works on it can’t be reconfigured. Many artists, hobby painters, crafters, and miniaturists don’t have a large space to pursue their work or hobby. Our Paint Rack solution for storage provides an excellent way to conserve space by allowing you to pack up when you’re done. This expansion item even fits inside our Combo Drawer. Now you have an option for a complete setup, one that you can take along with you to your favorite game store or outdoor location. By coupling the Paint / Tool Rack with our Shelf and Combo Drawer and adding this Tool Caddie to the package you have a everything needed for a miniaturist on the go. Everything fits inside our Portable Warfare Sergeant 2.0 miniatures storage bag.

Tool Caddie

The tool caddie works with normal round brushes and also comes with an alternate rear plate that allows you to convert it to work with Army Painter triangle brushes.

This accessory item is perfect for the hobby enthusiast that has a lot of tools!

Additional information

Weight2 lbs

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