Sergeant Bag Combo Pack


The Sergeant Bag Combo Pack from Portable Warfare brings everything you need to Grab-N-Go paint at your favorite FLGS or outdoor location. Our bags are constructed from nylon and come with durable YKK zippers. When you want to travel choose the best, choose Portable Warfare 12345678901234567890123456789012345



Sergeant Bag Combo Pack

As a miniaturist you participate in the ultimate hobby and you need the best kits available on the market. When you want to transport your paints and models to your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS) Portable Warfare has you covered. Now you can grab this Sergeant Bag Combo Pack which comes with: our the best bag the Sergeant 2.0 – in Recon Black, Your choice of Paint/Tool Rack (which will determine the Mfg Paint, Paint Brushes (if applicable), and the Tray Hole Size.

For example: If you chose Small Hole – Army Painter it would come with:

  • The Army Painter Starter Paint Set
  • The Army Painter Brush Set
  • Portable Warfare Paint/Tool Rack – with Triangle Round Brush holder and holes designed for the Army Painter Paints (25mm), and Paint Brushes
  • Combo Drawer with a Tray that matches your Paint/Tool Rack hole size
  • Tray (with holes that match the Paint/Tool Rack
  • Paint Brush Tray (A place to store your brushes and tools during transportation)
  • Figure Holder (with a little poster tack you can hold your figure to the top of the Figure Holder and comfortably hold the figure without touching it.
  • Drawer to store all the above items.
  • Wide Shelf that holds the Combo Drawer
  • Sergeant Bag – Recon Black

Now you have a complete setup, ready for you to Grab-N-Go!

Sergeant 2.0:

Front Pockets:

The Recon Black Sergeant Bags come with two front pockets, a narrow one and a wider one. The narrow pocket measures 3.5″ wide, 8″ tall, and 2″ deep. This pocket was designed with storing pencils and pens in mind. The wider pocket measures 7.75″ wide, 8″ tall, and 2″ deep. This larger front pocket was designed for storing your tape measures, dice, markers, and other small game accessories in mind.

Wide Front Pocket for rule books or painting guides:

We thought of everything, almost. There is also a center pouch which we designed for storing your rulebook and paper, or painting guide books. This pocket opens deep enough to accommodate a 2″ wide rule book. The pocket measures 13″ wide, 9.5″ tall, and 2″ deep. Many customers also place their rule books underneath the foam trays, adding to the bags overall stability.

Side/Back Pockets:

We know every inch counts. To that end we’ve added two side cargo net pocket for accessories and a back pocket for another rule book, or templates.


Our bags are constructed from a durable nylon material (outside) and a thermal lining (inside). The Sergeant comes with two front pockets secured with Velcro, and our 2.0 upgraded YKK zippers across the line. The front pocket to hold up to two full sized hardback rule books or several magazines and soft cover rule books, two side drink holders, and a dual YKK zippered top that zips all the way down the back for easy and quick access to all your foam trays inside. The Recon Black bag features a stealthy black logo on black bag.

The maximum recommended total foam height that the Sergeant will hold is 11.5″.

Initially we created the bags as miniatures transport, a place to store our Blu foam. But then we realized that people needed a way to transport their paints too. And we developed the Paint / Tool Rack and Storage Rack designs!

Sergeant Bag Combo Pack

This kit contains:
(1) Sergeant 2.0 Bag in Recon Black.
(1) Portable Warfare – Paint/Tool Rack with Triangle/Round Brush holders (Choose Hole Size)
(1) Wide width Shelf
(1) Combo Drawer – Tray (Hole size matches Paint/Tool Rack choice)
(1) Painter Set (Set matches Hole Size)
(1) Manufacturer’s Brush Set (If applicable)

This setup is everything you’d want in one product.

Paint Rack Paint Quantity – Number of Paint Bottles

Many people have asked Paint Rack Paint Quantity? They have wanted to know how many bottles can you store in each type of rack? First you’ll choose the size based upon the diameter of your paint bottles. That determines how many paint bottles/jars/pots fit in the Paint Rack. Naturally the larger the hole size the less paint you can store on the rack. Here’s how many each size holds, for the Portable Warfare Paint/Tool Rack:
Small (Army Painter : 25mm Holes) = (36) Bottles
Medium (Privateer Press: 32mm Holes) = (26) Bottles
Large (Games Workshop: 35mm Holes) = (20) Bottles
Secret Weapon (25mm & 38mm Holes) = (9) 38mm Bottles (16) 25mm Bottles
XL (Tamiya: 40mm Holes) = (15) Bottles

Combo Drawer Tray – Paint Quantity

Small (25mm Holes) = (29) 25mm Bottles
Medium (32mm Holes) = (14) 32mm Bottles
Large (35mm Holes) = (14) 35mm Bottles
Secret Weapon (25mm & 38mm Holes) = (14) 25mm Bottles & (7) 38mm Bottles
XL (40mm Holes) = (11) 40mm Bottles

Additional information

Weight13 lbs
Dimensions14 × 12 × 10 in

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