Sergeant – Laser Cut Wood Paint Rack




The Sergeant Paint Rack is a Laser Cut Wood Paint Rack. It prevents “Messy Miniatures Painting” at your Game Store

Get Organized Use a Paint Rack

End Messy Miniature Painting at the FLGS.

No longer will you have to lug a bucket of paint to the Friendly Local Game Store to paint miniatures with your friends. Simply grab this Laser Cut Wood Paint Rack and BING! We’ve solved the dilemma of getting the miniature or two you’re working on to the game store safely and still getting the paints there while staying organized and with tools. Now you can get to the FLGS and do it in an organized and sensible way.

The Portable Warfare’s Sergent Paint Rack makes switching out the foam trays you normally game with for a paint rack easy. Step 1: Unzip and pull out the foam trays, storing them safely on your bookcase shelf. Step 2: Grab the Portable Warfare’s Sergeant Paint Rack and place it in your Sergeant Bag. That’s it. Now you can go to the game store and paint in comfort, knowing when you get home it’ll be easy to switch your gears and get back in the miniatures game groove. It does not comes with the pictured shelf. To order the Rack System Shelf simply go here if you need a paint set and brushes, we offer a Miniaturist’s Kit, which comes with Army Painter’s Starter Set of colors, 4 brushes, and a small hole paint rack. We do offer the Miniaturist’s Kit in Medium and Large hole Racks as well. The paints will fit in the holes but it was designed for use with dropper bottle.


Portable Warfare’s Paint Rack

We’ve seen people use drawers to store things in, you can pick up drawers for the shelves from the company that is distributing for the manufacturer, Build Paint Play. You can pick up a wide selection of hobby supplies from them as well. Pictured to the right you can see the Small Hole Sergeant Paint Rack. These holes are suitable to dropper bottles, similar to what Reaper Miniatures offers. Dropper bottles make paint dispensing easy. Several manufacturers offer paint sets. You can find our basic paint sets here.

Sergeant’s Laser Cut Wood Paint Rack

We offer these in several different options, compatible with Army Painter Triangle brushes, and standard round brushes. Simply choose what brush holder style suits you best.

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Hole Size / Brush Type

Small Hole / Triangle Brush, Small Hole / Round Brush, Medium Hole / Triangle Brush, Medium Hole / Round Brush, Large Hole / Triangle Brush, Large Hole / Round Brush, Micro/Small Hole / Triangle Brush, Micro/Small Hole / Round Brush, Micro/Medium Hole / Triangle Brush, Micro/Medium Hole / Round Brush, Micro/Large Hole / Triangle Brush, Micro/Large Hole / Round Brush, Micro/XL Hole / Triangle Brush, Micro/XL Hole / Round Brush, Secret Weapon Paints / Round Brushes, XL Hole / Triangle Brush, XL Hole / Round Brush