Split Drawer For The Split Shelf



Split Drawer For The Split Shelf

Time to store your gear and hit the road
Sergeant Bag Paint Rack Shelf DrawerDoes it take a special team to find all your painting supplies? Well not anymore! Simply use the Split Drawer For The Split Shelf shelf designed for us by NEWay Designs. This Drawer can be added to your Sergeant Bag’s Basic Paint Rack. This drawer seamlessly slides into the Paint Rack Shelf providing you with a convenient storage area for your supplies from the Portable Warfare Paint Tool Rack once you’re done painting at your Friendly Local Game Store (FLGS). You’ll now be able to quickly take all your tools and store them in one location.

Drawer For The Shelf

POW38014 Split Shelf DrawerThis drawer fits comfortably and snugly into the split shelf (shown on the left). It is deep enough to contain all of the items used in the Paint Rack. Simply pull out the paint brushes, tools, clippers, scrapers, etc. and store them in the drawer. you’d normally take with you to work on your miniatures. Prevent accidental loss of your expensive tools, and brushes, just use the Drawer For The Shelf and store everything you carry in one convenient location. It’s time to get organized. NOTE: When you order this product it comes with two drawers.


If you are new to painting miniatures check out our Miniaturist Kit. It provides you with brushes, paint, and the paint rack you’ll need to get going. The basic paint brushes from Army Painter are designed to fit your hand better than any other miniature paint company’s brush. The unique triangle design and wider handle makes painting miniatures a joy. The How To Painter’s Guide is a 27 page book on how to paint great looking miniatures in the Table Top style. There are two basic qualities you can paint miniatures to 1) Table Top Quality. This is where you paint the miniature so it looks great on the battlefield. The detail is fair enough to allow you to distinguish what unit you’re looking at but not so detailed that it take hours and hours to paint the miniature. This quality is how you would want to paint large armies. 2) Competition Quality. This quality takes a single miniature and paints it in great detail. Adding eyes, eyebrows, etc. and great detail. You shade the miniature, taking into account light source and uniform wear. This level of painting is used for the leader of armies or when you want to showcase your talent. It can take you forty hours or more to paint a single 28mm miniature in the Competition Quality style. The Army Painter booklet provides a great introduction on how to paint large armies. For more on what comes in the kit simply click the link and head on over to that product.

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